WWJD for KIDZ—Volume 1

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Kids will discover answers to WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) with classic Bible stories in this Topical Bible.

Each story starts with the question, "What Would Jesus Do?" At the end of the re-told Bible story there are three questions, "What Happened?" followed by "What Did Jesus Do?" and "What Would You Do?"

Volume 1 includes:

Be a Friend
     A Rooftop Adventure—Mark 2:1-12
Be Brave
     Attacked by a Lion—Judges 14:5-6
     An Evil Plot—Esther 1—9
Be Gentle
     The King and the Kids—Matthew 19:13-15
     The Good Shepherd—Psalm 23
Be Happy
     I Can Walk—Acts 3:1-10
     A Runaway Boy—Luke 15:11-32