What's the Law? ePub

Brite Star Foundation Promoting World Education


Brite Star World Education is dedicated to providing tools that help children grow into responsible adults—

  • Responsible for themselves
  • Responsible in the way they relate to others
  • Responsible in the way they relate to their environment

The Justice System series teaches the kids basic facts about the legal system and gives them a first-hand experience in seeing how justice is served.

Included with the ePub is a QR code that links to a word-for-word audio read-along. Just follow the directions on the copyright page to get the audio. It’s FREE.

There is also a QR code to Brite Star Virtual Learning which is also FREE and gives you access to all of the Brite Star books.

It’s Career Day at the Brite Star School and the class gets a visit from Brett’s parents. In What’s the Law? Brett’s father, who is a lawyer and Brett’s mother who is a judge, help the class understand the basics of the court system.