The Lion's Den

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The Lion's Den includes 17 stories from the Old Testament. The stories are written at the 4th grade reading level by V. Gilbert Beers and Ronald A. Beers. Younger children will enjoy this series as a read-to-me. Each story includes a colorful illustration.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 40

Stories included in this book are:

David Is Kind to Mephibosheth
David and Bathsheba
Absalom Rebels Against David
David Buys a Threshing Floor
David Plans the Temple
Solomon’s Wisdom
Solomon Builds the Temple
Solomon Is Rich and Famous
Solomon Turns from God
Ravens Feed Elijah
A New Room for Elisha
Naaman the Leper Is Healed
The Story of Jonah
Daniel Refuses to Eat the King’s Food
The Fiery Furnace
The Handwriting on the Wall
Daniel in the Lion’s Den
The Story of Queen Esther