The Flood

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The Flood includes 17 stories from the Old Testament. The stories are written at the 4th grade reading level by V. Gilbert Beers and Ronald A. Beers. Younger children will enjoy this series as a read-to-me. Each story includes a colorful illustration.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 40

Stories included in this book are:

God Creates a Wonderful World
Adam and Eve Sin 
Cain Kills Abel 
Noah and the Great Flood 
The Tower of Babel 
Abram Moves to a New Land 
God Makes a Covenant with Abraham 
Angels Visit Abraham’s Tent 
The Destruction of Sodom 
Hagar and Ishmael Are Sent Away 
Abraham Offers Isaac 
A Bride for Isaac 
Esau Sells His Birthright 
Isaac Refuses to Fight 
Jacob’s Ladder 
Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors 
Joseph Is Sold as a Slave
Joseph Becomes Governor of Egypt