Four Part Harmony

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Is it four stories in one or one great story in four?

This unique and creative book contains four separate but intersecting stories. Each of the four stories has a colored border--red, yellow, blue, or green—and tells the tale of a special fictional character. By following one of the colored borders at a time, you can read each story separately.

    In some places two stories will come together. In those places, both colored borders will be around the artwork, and the text will work for both stories.

    In four major places in the book, all four stories come together, so all four colored borders are around the artwork, and the text works for all four stories.

    Once you have read each of the four stories, seeing how they intersect, you will experience the full story of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ—the gospel or good news.

    In the end, all four stories come together, and the four characters unite to carry out the mission of Jesus to take the good news about him into the world.

    Let the child point to the colored border as you read each story. This will make the book both fun and instructive. Older children and parents will enjoy it too!