Collection Three-No More Being Disruptive

Joy Berry Media

SKU: MC204

This collection includes 16 songs from Fun Songs for Children. Included are two songs each from Interrupting, Whining, Complaining, Throwing Tantrums, Teasing, Tattling, Gossiping, and Being Rude.

Songs included in this collection are: Are You Gonna Complain?, Don't Complain, Don't Tell On Them, GOSSIP, Gossiping, I Wanna Throw a Tantrum, I Won't Whine at You, Interruptions Are Driving Me Crazy, Maybe You Want Attention, Me First, Nobody Likes Somebody Whose Rude, Someone's Interrupting, Tease Tease Tease Tease, Teasing, Why Why Whine, and You Don't Have to Throw a Tantrum.

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