Brite Star Storytime Complete Set and a Free Membership in the Brite Star Learning Network

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All 12 of the Brite Star Storytime Living Skills Series

Children will learn important life lessons through the interactions of this fun-loving group from the Brite Star Woods. Each book demonstrates a lesson that is critical in a child's growth to becoming a mature and contributing member of society.

This package includes:

  • A Pail of Purple Paint—A Story About Self-Control
  • The Old Hat—A Story About Judging Others
  • A Box for Fox—A Story About Honesty
  • Bru's Barrels—A Story About Being Stubborn
  • Apples for Sale—A Story About Cheating
  • Bru's Bad Day—A Story About Anger
  • The Magic Lamp—A Story About Greed
  • Surprise!—A Story About Kindness
  • The Best Butterfly Catcher in the World—A Story About Pride
  • Stripes and Spots—A Story About Worry
  • Who Will Help Kitty—A Story About Helpfulness
  • Puddles and His Problem—A Story About Forgiveness

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