FREE — Brite Star Grants to Educators, Schools and Libraries

Brite Star Foundation Promoting World Education

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Brite Star World Education in cooperation with the Brite Star Foundation is pleased to offer grants to educators, libraries and schools.


With the pressure on educators to cover the basic skills, there is precious little time to focus on living skills for elementary age children. The world of Brite Star was created to help educators all over the world meet this need. We believe this much overlooked area is critically important to the growth and development of the child. For that reason we have assembled books that focus on these living skills.

We want to make these resources available to your school at no charge—not even shipping.

These grants are made possible because of the generosity of the Brite Star Foundation whose mission is to support education worldwide. The Brite Star Foundation has assisted thousands of kids and families to understand what it means to be a responsible person, no matter what their age.  For more information on the Brite Star Foundation CLICK HERE.

The Brite Star School and Library Grant over 50 books selected from the following series; The Brite Star Kids, The Bus Bunch, 4 Sisters, Brite Star Critters, Brite Star Kids Science, Brite Star Sports and Recreation, Brite Star Kids Finance, The Brite Star Kids Learn About the Justice System, Brite Star Kids Health and Safety and The Brite Star Kids Learn About Other Cultures. The Brite Star Foundation Grant includes a Brite Star Learning Network PLUS free access to the learning network for all your school families.

Brite Star Grant to Schools and Libraries

The Library and School Grant includes over 50 books from the series named above and a FREE Membership in the Brite Star Learning Network and access to the network for your school families.