Brite Star Finance Series

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Each book in this 4-book series is a separate story, but taken together they tell a bigger story.

In Magic Money Alex and Liz visit the Brite Star Bank and meet Banker Nat. They get a tour of the bank and Alex opens his own bank account.

It turn out Banker Nat is Landon's mom. Landon is one of the Brite Star Kids. In Banker Nat, Landon gets to introduce his mom to the class on career day. The class learns about how the bank serves the community and helps families and businesses. Banker Nat tells the class about a project the bank is sponsoring—a contest with cash prizes. 

Dollars and Cents finds Banker Will, the loan officer of Brite Star Bank talking to the class. He talks about businesses and gives the class tips for the contest. The class breaks into teams and each team starts an actual business.

In The Big Deposit Banker Will and Banker Nat are back. Banker Will teaches the class about basic business reports—a balance sheet and an income statement. The class completes the reports for the business they have formed and presents the results to the class.

The books in this series are offered as either a paperback or an EPUB. The EPUB includes a word-for-word audio read-along for hours of hands-off enjoyment for your children.