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With the purchase of the Brite Star Digital Library you receive a code that is good for a full year. The code gives you access to unlimited usage of the entire Brite Star Digital Library. Use the code on all of your devices to deliver content to your kids no matter where you are.

This is the perfect way to communicate important life lessons as well as wholesome entertainment to your 2-8 year old child.

The Digital Library includes videos, eBooks with full word-for-word read-along and eBooks without sound if you prefer your child read the story by his or herself.

The Brite Star Digital Library includes the following PLUS A LOT MORE.

Brite Star Kids
Books featuring the Brite Star Kids and focusing on Living Skills.

The Bus Bunch
A series that is built around Mr. Emerson’s bus and the adventures the kids have.

4 Sisters
This series features 4 sisters who learn the lessons of getting along with siblings living in a large family.

Brite Star Critters
The critters live on the Brite Star Ranch. Part of the mission of the ranch is animal rescue.

Brite Star Kids Science
Taking place in the Brite Star School, Professor Stanley, the science teacher makes learning about science a pleasure.

Brite Star Finance
The Brite Star Kids Learn about money and finance  with a hand-on project.

Brite Star Little Kids
Just for kids 1-4, these books are living skills for toddlers.

The Brite Star Kids Learn About Health, Nutrition and Safety
Important lessons taught in stories to hold the interest of 4-8 year olds.

The Brite Star Kids Learn About Government
A series that teaches the principles of the United States federal, state and local government.

The Brite Star Kids Learn About the Judicial System
The Brite Star Kids learn about courts, lawyers and the rights of juvenile’s in the justice system.

Kids by Kids
Books for kids written by kids.

Brite Star Storytime
Learn important living skills lessons with this group of lovable friends who live in Brite Star Woods .

Peter Pan Books
Over 50 books and eBooks with word-for-word audio. All-time classics like Cinderella, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast are included.