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Giving back and animal rescue is a big part of what Brite Star is all about. At Brite Star we don't just talk about animal rescue, we're involved at the ground level.

Brite Star operates a 44 acre animal rescue ranch in Creston, California. The ranch provides food, shelter and medical care to hundreds of different animals. A portion of all proceeds of Brite Star Media goes to maintain this important work.

A Safe Place For Animals is the introductory book in the Brite Star Critters series. In this book Missy and her friends at the Brite Star Day Care Program visit the Brite Star Ranch and learn about the work being done to care for all living creatures.In partnership with the Goett Foundation Brite Star delighted to offer the Charity Book series. 

The ranch is also a full-blown movie set and in 2019 Brite Star Media will be releasing it's first full-length motion picture. The movie takes place on the ranch and is intended to help educate children and adults on the importance of this venture.

A Mother's Story is the true story of Tom and the challenges he has faced throughout his life. In the Brite Star saga, Tom lives on the Brite Star Ranch and helps in caring for the animals. You will meet Tom and many of the animals he loves and cares for as you learn more about the Brite Star Ranch.

Another book in the Brite Star Charity series is Let's Have a Party. In this book the Brite Star Kids are introduced to the concept of giving back. They learn the lesson the hard way but once they understand they are all on board. These three books make up the Brite Star Charity Series and we make them a part of every one of the grants we send to school and teachers.