A Trip to the Courthouse ePub

Brite Star Foundation Promoting World Education


Brite Star World Education is dedicated to providing tools that help children grow into responsible adults—

  • Responsible for themselves
  • Responsible in the way they relate to others
  • Responsible in the way they relate to their environment

The Justice System series teaches the kids basic facts about the legal system and gives them a first-hand experience in seeing how justice is served.

Included with the ePub is a QR code that links to a word-for-word audio read-along. Just follow the directions on the copyright page to get the audio. It’s FREE.

There is also a QR code to Brite Star Virtual Learning which is also FREE and gives you access to all of the Brite Star books.

In A Trip to the Courthouse Officer Dan takes the class on a trip through the courthouse and jail. Guess who ends up on the inside looking out.