A High Price To Pay

Joy Berry Media

SKU: V306

When Teddy teases Jeff about being rich, Jeff invites Teddy to spend the weekend to see how the “Rich Cassidys” actually live. Teddy is surprised to learn that there is a price to be paid for everything. This video shows kids how they can find satisfaction in the choices they make about money. It also encourages them to respect the choices of others.

For years the HUMAN RACE CLUB DVDs have been a top contender among the “Most Requested DVDs by Classrooms Across America.” And now, for the first time they are available to parents as well as teachers as inexpensive downloads.

Winners of the American Film Institute Award and International Film Institute Award for their content, these classic, animated, music and story videos are not only charming, they are as entertaining as any DVD available to kids today. And the best part about these DVDs is the fact that they deal, in intriguing ways, with vital subjects like self-esteem, uncomfortable emotions, social challenges, values, conflicts, and more.

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