The Joy Berry Classics

The Joy Berry Classics are 151 books in eight different series designed to help grow kids into responsible adults. The series are age group based and cover ages 2-13.  

Teach Me About is a set of 15 books for ages 1-3.“The TEACH ME ABOUT books begin the transfer of responsibility from the parent to the child.” Joy Berry

Let's Talk About is a set of 22 books for ages 2-5. 
The LET’S TALK ABOUT books help children deal with the early childhood emotions and attitudes that can prevent them from becoming responsible.” Joy Berry

Help Me Be Good is a set of 29 books for ages 5-7.
The HELP ME BE GOOD books help young children replace misbehavior with good behavior.” Joy Berry

Living Skills is a set of 27 books for ages 7-10.
The LIVING SKILLS books help elementary school age children live their lives intelligently and responsibly.” Joy Berry

Survival Skills is a series of 28 books for ages 9-11.
The SURVIVAL SKILLS books help elementary school age children fulfill all of the reasonable expectations that they are required to fulfill.” Joy Berry

Winning Skills is a series of 18 books for ages 11-13.
The WINNING SKILLS books help young people succeed at every level of their lives.” Joy Berry

Good Answers to Tough Questions is a series of 10 book. Ungraded.
The GOOD ANSWERS TO TOUGH QUESTIONS books help turn traumatic experiences into positive experiences that can help children grow and become better people.” Joy Berry

Danger Zones is a seres of 3 books. Ungraded.
More effective than protecting children from harm is teaching them how to keep themselves safe.” Joy Berry