FREE Living Skills Books for Elementary Age Kids


The Brite Star Foundation's goal is to provide resources that help children accept responsibility and become productive and ethical members of society. We accomplish this goal by making our resources available to all—at no charge.

What Are Brite Star's Resources?

Brite Star is the publisher of a series of books built around The Brite Star Kids. This group of elementary age children live in the Town of Brite Star. They attend Brite Star school and, like all children, learn life lessons both in and out of the classroom.

The books are story-based; not the didactic, programmed learning that some living skills programs offer. Kids relate to these stories and these kids and, with the help of the questions found in the back of the book, are able to grasp the concept being taught without being beaten over the head.

In addition we have assembled books and videos from other sources that are in alignment with our objectives.

But that's not all. Brite Star Virtual Learning is the name of the FREE Interactive Learning Website that includes all of the content from Brite Star PLUS thousands of additional learning activities, educational games and videos—a complete educational experience with a teacher (or parent) management system that tracks a student's progress and makes additional assignments based on individual performance.

Sign-up for FREE and give your kids the pathway to success that will impact them for the rest of their lives—both in and outside the classroom. 

When you sign up for the FREE Brite Star Virtual Learning you get all the content for FREE. There is no premium sign-up that we come back and ask for your credit card. You have access to the all of the content. 

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A Free Gift Just for Signing Up

As a bonus for signing up you can download 25 books for your personal library. This is a FREE gift just for signing up to Brite Star Virtual Learning. Just go to the Brite Star To Go logo when you log in to Brite Star and download as many of the 25 FREE books as you choose.

Of course if you want the printed book you can hold in your hand we get that. All the books included in Brie Star Virtual Learning are available from the Brite Star Store. Just click the Brite Star Store link. If you do decide to purchase the books you will still want Brite Star Virtual Learning for the games, videos, math and language arts content.

It's EASY and it's FREE. Just click on the icon below to sign-up for Brite Star Virtual Learning.

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