Brite Star Socrates TV Network

The Brite Star Socrates TV Network Channel 1 is FREE with your Brite Star Socrates Membership or available as a Stand-alone membership

Here is what is included in Channel 1

The Brite Star Kids are a group of fun-loving elementary age kids who live in Brite Star. They play together, go to school together and learn to become responsible citizens together. The videos in the Brite Star Kids program are based on the successful book series by the same name.
The Brite Star Little Kids are the younger brother and sisters of the Brite Star Kids. The attend the Brite Star Preschool. The Brite Star Little Kids episodes are designed to teach preschool through kindergarten children life lessons appropriate for their age.
The Bus Bunch are Brite Star Kids who ride Mr. Emerson's bus to school. Many of their adventures take place on the bus itself or at some location they have ridden to on the bus. 
The Brite Star Ranch is a location in the town of Brite Star. The Brie Star Ranch is both a working ranch and a home for unwanted or injured critters. The ranch is a frequent destination for the Brite Star Kids who love to play and interact with the ranch residents.
The Brite Star Critters are the animals that live on the Brite Star Ranch. The Critters 

live, play and learn as they interact and help each other with everyday problems.

4 Sisters are the stories of four sisters growing up together. They have all the normal issues siblings have but they also have a deep commitment to each other. They teach each other life lessons as they learn, play and work together.
The Adventures of Lucky is a series featuring Lucky, the dog. Lucky is not just any dog. Lucky seems to find trouble wherever he goes. You'll love watching Lucky find a way to get out of the newest jam he finds himself in.
Learning to Read is a series designed for beginning readers. These high-interest episodes will make young children want to pick up a book and read more.
Each Brite Star Storytime episode focuses on a specific Living Skill. Built around a group of animal friends that live in Brite Star Woods right next to the Brite Star Ranch. These fun-loving friends teach important lessons about things such as honesty, kindness, greed, anger and a lot more. 
Brite Star Science takes place in the classroom and some interesting field trips. The Brite Star Kids get a specific lesson that usually revolves around a special project they get involved with.