Brite Star Media Call for Writers, Illustrators and Animators

Brite Star Media is a digital media publishing company with our studio located in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. Brite Star is dedicated to providing tools to help kids worldwide grow into responsible adults while providing wholesome entertainment. To that end Brite Star is growing rapidly. We are now growing with a publishing program in the area of living skills for kids 2-12. We are planning on 15 new series with up to 15 books per series and in some cases more.

We are seeking creative sources for writers, illustration and animators that are able to duplicate the characters and styles we have created in addition to working on new characters. The characters are called the Brite Star Kids and they live and learn in Brite Star.


Brite Star Kids

Along with the Brite Star Kids we also have a group called the Brite Star Critters.

There is a third set of characters called 4 Sisters.

Typical Book Specifications

Trim Size: 8 x 8 inches (20.32 cm x 20.32 cm)
Pages: 24 or 32
Illustrations: 11 or 15

Illustration Procedure

By following the procedure shown below illustrators will be able to create libraries of backgrounds and characters to be used in future projects.

  1. Illustrator receives approved and edited manuscript
  2. Rough sketches sent to our art director for approval
  3. Changes made and submitted (if any)
  4. Line work submitted for approval
  5. Rendering completed and submitted as JPG files

We will provide all the buildings shown in the panoramic view of Brite Star and we expect you to create a library that will allow you to re-use characters and backgrounds in future books.

All work is done on a work-for-hire basis. 25% of the agreed upon price is paid upon the approval of sketches, 25% is paid upon approval of the line art and the final 50% is paid upon acceptance of the color pages.

In order to download a sample of one of our books click the link below:


If you would like to submit a sample of your rendering of our characters please complete the form below and attach your sample along with a link to your portfolio. 


Each of our books requires animation. The contract for the animation is separate from the illustration agreement so it is not necessarily the same person who does both the animation and illustration. We will consider three levels of animation—simple, standard and complex. To get an idea of the complexity we are looking for click on the links below:

Simple Animation Sample
Standard Animation Sample
Complex Sample Animation


These are just examples. We want animators who will bring their own creativity to the project and provide us with exciting animations for the appropriate target age group.

Animation Procedure

You will be provided with the jpg files for the book along with the sound track and we will tell you the level of animation we are seeking for each project. For the first project you will be paid 100% upon acceptance of the animated book. Once we have established a relationship you will be paid 50% upon signing the work-for-hire agreement and the balance upon completion.

Show Us Your Stuff

We want to see what you can do. Please download the sample book and choose a page and animate to give us an idea of your capabilities. Once your sample is approved you will be part of the team and we will start sending projects. Please complete the form below and submit your sample animation.

Book Sample


We are seeking writers who have a knack for communicating with our target age group. We have series' targeted at kids age 2-12. The 4-8 year old is our "sweet spot." If you are interested in submitting a sample story please follow these guidelines:

  • All stories must teach a living skill.
  • All stories must take place in the town of Brite Star and feature the Brite Star Kids.
  • All stories must project positive values.
  • Each book for the 4-8 year old is 32 pages which means you will have 15 pages for text.
  • Download the sample book to get a feel for how much text there is per page.

Book Sample