Brite Star Grant for Christian Schools and Churches

Brite Star World Education in cooperation with The Brite Star Foundation is pleased to offer grants to Christian Schools, Churches and Libraries.


Brite Star World Education recognizes the important work Christian Schools and Churches do in helping parents raise children with integrity. We have collected books that we believe will assist you in reaching this goal

We want to make these resources available to your school  or church at no charge—not even shipping.

These grants are made possible because of the generosity of the Brite Star Foundation whose mission is to support education worldwide. The Brite Star Foundation has assisted thousands of kids and families to understand what it means to be a responsible person, no matter what their age.  For more information on the Brite Star Foundation CLICK HERE.

The Christian Book Grant includes 48 books selected from the following series; All-time Favorite Bible Stories, The Kids-Life Bible Storybook, Brite Star Storytime, My Very First Books, Questions Kids Ask and Learning to Read from the Bible.

Brite Star Christian Book Grant


The Christian Book Grant includes 48 books from the series named above PLUS a Membership in the Brite Star Learning Network

All-time Favorite Bible Stories is a series of stories from the Bible by V. Gilbert Beers and Ronald A. Beers. Each book contains 18 Bible stories plus an original color illustration.
The Kids-Life Bible Storybook is a series of ten book by Mary Hollingsworth. Each book contains Bible stores built around the subject of the book.
My Very First Books is a series of 8 books on specific Bible subjects. This series is intended for children 2nd grade and under.
 Brite Star Storytime is a series of books that teach and reinforce living skills. Follow this group of animal friends as they learn to get along and trust each other.
Questions Kids Ask is a series of books for children 8-12. It asks and answers serious questions about the Bible, God, Angels and Heaven.
Learning to Read from the Bible is a series of vocabulary controlled stories from the Bible retold by V. Gilbert Beers. They introduce and explain new words.


Due to inventory considerations the actual books you receive may vary.

Along with the printed books recipients of the Christian Book Grant will receive a school membership in the Brite Star Learning Network.

Just fill out the form below, attach a letter telling us how you would use these books and a snapshot of your school. Upon approval of your application we will ship the books.


Brite Star World Education and The Brite Star Foundation Churches Christian School and Hospital Grant Application