Brite Star Family Gift

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The Brite Star Family Gift Includes 50+ eBooks to Kids or Grandkids and Free books to Deserving Kids Around the World

Most schools do a great job of teaching the basic skills—reading, writing and arithmetic. That is pretty much a full-time job. There is precious little time left over for teaching living skills. At Brite Star we believe a well-rounded student needs both in order to grow into a productive adult. Brite Star concentrates on the Living Skills—subjects like respect, discipline and honesty that just are not covered in most classrooms.
The Brite Star Wold includes kids of all races, religions and ethnic backgrounds. These kids learn to live together and respect the each other and the people they come in contact with. Through the stories in the Brite Star collection your kids or grandkids can join the fun and learn the lessons right along with the Brite Star Kids.

Here's the Best Part

When you purchase the Family Gift for your kids or grandkids Brite Star will send and Free books to deserving children all over the world. It's a Win-Win.
This offer is made possible because of the

generosity of the Brite Star Foundation, a 501(c)3 charity. The purchase of this gift is 100% tax deductible and 100% goes to Books for Kids. Click Here for more information on the Brite Star Foundation.

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