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The Joy of Parenting

The JOY OF PARENTING single-subject books are intentionally short and concise so parents can get the crucial information they need quickly and easily.” Joy Berry

The JOY OF PARENTING books are based on the fact that a lot of parenting is triage—devoting the available resources to resolving whatever current situation is posing the biggest threat.

To triage well, parents need materials that get to the point as quickly as possible. They simply do not have time to wade through endless pages of advice. Indeed, what Is needed is “bite-sized” bits of information that can be digested and put to work in a short period of time. The JOY OF PARENTING books are designed to accomplish this goal.

There are eight JOY OF PARENTING books. Each book focuses on a single subject. In addition, each book is divided into short chapters that allow parents to more easily locate and access relevant information.

It has been proven over and over again that parents who use the JOY OF PARENTING books are better parents on every level.

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