The Big Deposit ePub

The BRITE STAR KIDS Learn About Money is a series of books featuring the Brite Star Kids. Together with their teacher and some special guests the kids learn the basics of handling money, about the banking system and the basic operation of a simple business.

The Brite Star Learn About Money series is intended to give kids a basic understanding and appreciation for the financial system.

Included with the ePub is a QR code that links to a word-for-word audio read-along. Just follow the directions on the copyright page to get the audio. It’s FREE.

There is also a QR code to Brite Star Virtual Learning which is also FREE and gives you access to all of the Brite Star books.

In The Big Deposit the class learns about basic financial statements and make their presentations to the bankers as part of a contest. As the winners are announced the class gets a big surprise.