Teens & the Law Series

A series of critically acclaimed books for teens about the legal system and how it affects their daily lives

The Teens & the Law series familiarizes young readers with our legal system, dispels myths and mysteries, and shows that the law is by and for the people—including teens. The books cover numerous important legal issues pertaining to young people, such as the rights of minors; the rights to privacy and freedom of expression; the rights of gay and lesbian students; the rights of students with disabilities; the rights of parents, schools, and workplaces; the voting and political system; abortion; living wills; traffic laws; curfews; probation; and juvenile versus adult court. Crimes discussed include forgery, obscene conduct, defamation, vandalism, gang-related crimes, gambling, theft, underage drinking, drug and weapon possession, hacking, cyberbullying, sexual harassment, rape, hate crimes, arson, threats, and violence. Each book offers discussion points, tips and advice, detailed resources, emergency hotlines, and probing questions for further reflection.

Praise for the books in this series:
“Exceptionally solid . . . Thought-provoking . . . Timely and valuable.”—School Library Journal
“Informative, enlightening.”—Booklist
“Fascinating . . . Superior.”—KLIATT
“Books for the Teen Age”—New York Public Library