The Bus Bunch Classroom Pack

Brite Star Foundation Promoting World Education

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100% of the net proceeds goes to Books for Kids. Brite Star is a 501(c)3 charity so keep your receipt for your tax deduction.

All 8 of the Bus Bunch at a big discount!

  • The Best New Neighbors Ever—A Book About Diversity
  • Danger Zone—A Book About Bus Safety
  • Everyone Is Special—A Book About Someone Who Is Different
  • A Field Trip to Remember—A Book About Compassion
  • Jimmy Burton Bradford Speaks Up—A Book About Standing Up
  • World Expo Day—A Book About Different Cultures
  • Learn the Truth—A Book About Honesty
  • Mr. Emerson Comes Undone—A Book About Being Nervous

As with all purchases of Brite Star products this book comes with a FREE membership in the Brite Star Learning Network which includes 100’s of books and video’s in digital formats.