Our Emotions and Behavior Complete Set plus FREE Membership in Brite Star Network

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SKU: FSP0611

Small children have big feelings. The Our Emotions and Behavior series uses cheerful, vividly illustrated stories to help kids understand how their feelings and actions are related—and how they can get better at managing both. At the end of each book, a two-page series of pictures invites kids to tell a story in their own words. A special section for adults suggests discussion questions and ideas for guiding children to talk about their feelings. 

You get all 9 books in the series: Be Nice, I Want to Win, I Hate Everything, But What If?, Take a Deep Breath, I'm Not Happy, Not Fair Won't Share, Who Feels Scared? and But Why Can't I?

With every purchase you receive a FREE MEMBERSHIP in the Brite Star Learning Network where you will have access to thousands of books, music, videos and more for kids 2-13.



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