Few things can engage young children like a great story—especially when the story pertains to the subjects that they experience in their everyday lives. Throw in believable characters just like the kids they know, and young children will be drawn into the story from beginning to end.

The GOODHEARTS are animated characters who attend day-care at a make-believe Community Center. Their name was invented by the teacher who gives her students “Goodheart Awards” for performing acts of kindness.

The GOODHEARTS are the heart and soul of Joy Berry’s new picture/audio book series for young children.

The GOODHEARTS stories are based on the subjects presented in Joy Berry’s best-selling Let’s Talk About and Help Me Be Good books that teach young children self-esteem, social skills and good behavior.

Each GOODHEARTS picture/audio book includes beautiful, full-color, cartoon illustrations, a highlighted read-along text, plus an entertaining soundtrack that features Joy Berry, a master storyteller, reading the text. The soundtrack also contains engaging background music, fun sound effects and an irresistible original song.

In a world where kids are inundated with high-tech games and fantasy, the GOODHEARTS picture/audio book series is sure to be a welcome breath of fresh air. But more important, the GOODHEARTS series is going to help young children traverse the daily challenges of early childhood, and by doing so, it will have a long-lasting, positive impact on their lives.

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