Level Five Teacher Guide The JOY of Personal Skills for Ages 7-9

Joy Berry Media

SKU: C500


The purpose of The JOY of Personal Skills is to help kids take responsibility for their own care. This is accomplished by teaching them the fundamentals of physical, mental and emotional care that allows them to take good care of themselves. This guide is loaded with all kinds of engaging classroom experiences and activities that are educational, interactive and fun for kids.

For music and books that relate to The JOY of Personal Skills see the music and books section of this website.

This curriculum includes the following lessons:

Lesson One – Needing Good Food
Lesson Two – Eating Good Food
Lesson Three – Needing Air, Water, and Sunshine
Lesson Four – Needing Exercise
Lesson Five – Needing a Clean Body
Lesson Six – Needing Proper Clothing and Adequate Shelter
Lesson Seven – Understanding, Appreciating, and Using Your Brain
Lesson Eight – Learning Through Verbalization and Reading
Lesson Nine – Learning Through Observation and Experience
Lesson Ten – Learning Through Experimentation
Lesson Eleven – Handling Emotions
Lesson Twelve – Handling Anger
Lesson  Thirteen– Handling Fear

Lesson Fourteen – Handling Anxiety
Lesson Fifteen – Handling Frustration
Lesson Sixteen – Handling Jealously
Lesson Seventeen – Handling Humiliation
Lesson Eighteen – Handling Guilt
Lesson Nineteen– Handling Disappointment
Lesson Twenty – Handling Defeat