CC Kids

CC Kids

The purpose of Joy Berry’s CC KIDS early chapter books is to turn everything from the mundane to the challenging aspects of a kid’s daily file into pure, unadulterated edutainment. This is accomplished with a combination of great characters, even greater story lines and crucial life lessons that are guaranteed to capture the attention and imagination of every kid no matter who he or she is.

The CC KIDS, animated characters who attend the after-school program at a make-believe Community Center, are at the center of the CC KIDS early chapter book series. There is at least one character with whom every kid can identify. In addition, the trials and tribulations of these diverse yet credible characters will have a ring of truth to any kid going through childhood.

The CC KIDS stories are based on the subjects presented in Joy Berry’s best-selling Living Skills and Survival Skills books that teach kids the personal skills, social skills, and coping skills they need to be happy and successful.

Each CC KIDS early chapter book is accompanied by an entertaining soundtrack that features Joy Berry, a master storyteller, reading the text. The soundtrack also contains engaging background music, fun sound effects and an irresistible, contemporary original song.

In a world where kids are inundated with high-tech games and fantasy, the CC KIDS early chapter book series is sure to be a welcome breath of fresh air. But more important, the CC KIDS series is going to help kids traverse the daily challenges of childhood, and by doing so, it will have a long-lasting, positive impact on their lives.

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