Let's Talk About Closeout Special

Let's Talk About Closeout Special

Here is a chance to get the complete set of Let's Talk About—the softcover edition all 22 books PLUS eBooks of all 22 PLUS audio read-alongs of all 22.

Handling Emotions in Positive Ways for Children 3 to 5, Preschool to Kindergarten.

Be sure to download your eBooks and Read-Alongs after checkout!

  • LTA Accepting No
  • LTA Being Away from Your Parents
  • LTA Being Fair
  • LTA Being Good
  • LTA Being Helpful
  • LTA Being Patient
  • LTA Being Shy
  • LTA Feeling Afraid
  • LTA Feeling Angry
  • LTA Feeling Defeated
  • LTA Feeling Disappointed
  • LTA Feeling Embarrassed
  • LTA Feeling Frustrated
  • LTA Feeling Guilty
  • LTA Feeling Inferior
  • LTA Feeling Jealous
  • LTA Feeling Sad
  • LTA Feeling Worried
  • LTA Getting Hurt
  • LTA Needing Attention
  • LTA Playing with Others
  • LTA Saying No


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