Gifts For Kids

Gifts For Kids

Your Tax Deductible Donation can make a difference in the life of a boy or girl.

That's right. Through the generosity of the Brite Star Foundation and people like you we are able to make our books and interactive learning platform available for FREE to EVERYONE.

For each $25 donation a child receives

  • 25 Brite Star eBooks to download for their personal digital library

  • Membership in Brite Star Virtual Learning


What Is Brite Star?

Brite Star is an imaginary town—a place where we would all like to grow up. A place where a child can live and learn valuable life lessons that will help turn him or her into a responsible adult.

At Brite Star we believe character is important and the reality is most classroom teachers are under such pressure to help their students excel in the basic skills—reading, writing and arithmetic—they have precious little time for character development and living skills. That's where Brite Star comes in.

Living Skills and Character Development are learned through two primary vehicles—Brite Star books and Brite Star Virtual Learning. Anyone can get started with both FREE.

Brite Star Books


Built around the Brite Star Kids and a unique collection of animal friends, our collection of 100+ books teach these valuable lessons—not through old style didactic instruction but through interesting stories that allow the reader to grasp the lesson on his or her own. 

Brite Star Virtual Learning

Powered by Speed of You, a powerful interactive platform, Brite Star Virtual Learning is an online community that makes learning fun. By combining books, music, videos and games featuring both living skills (SEL) and lessons in english, math and science (STEM) Brite Star Virtual Learning is complete educational package for both home, homeschool and school.
Best of all, Brite Star Virtual Learning is fun for the kids, with a growing library of games and engaging gamification. We’ve seen that the more they play, the more they learn as our active users advance 3x faster than a traditional education path. 

By including the Brite Star Living Skills content in this dynamic Platform and incorporating the original set of educational games kids will have fun and learn at a rate of up to 3 times faster than with traditional methods.

We want to make these valuable assets available to 1,000,000's of children for FREE

You can help us reach that goal by making a tax deductible donation to the Brite Star Foundation. Simply select the quantity from the drop down menu. 1 for $25, 2 for $50, 3 for $75 and so on. Your gift of any size is appreciated and 100% of the contributions go toward helping reach our goal.

Thank you for considering support of the Brite Star Foundation.

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