FREE Living Skills Curriculum for Ages 4-8

FREE Curriculum Download

Brite Star Media is offering The Joy of Good Behavior, 20 lesson plans (over 100 pages) as a FREE download. This curriculum features detailed lesson plans that include activities for classroom or home schools.

The Joy of Good Behavior includes the following lessons:Lesson One – Being Greedy
Lesson Two – Breaking Promises
Lesson Three – Disobeying
Lesson Four – Lying
Lesson Five – Interrupting
Lesson Six – Whining
Lesson Seven – Complaining
Lesson Eight – Tantrums
Lesson Nine – Teasing
Lesson Ten – Tattling
Lesson Eleven – Gossiping
Lesson Twelve – Being Rude
Lesson Thirteen – Snooping
Lesson Fourteen – Cheating
Lesson Fifteen – Stealing
Lesson Sixteen – Being Bullied
Lesson Seventeen – Being Bossy
Lesson Eighteen – Being Destructive
Lesson Nineteen – Fighting
Lesson Twenty – Being Mean
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