Brite Star Virtual Learning

Brite Star Virtual Learning

Brite Star Virtual Learning and The Brite Star Christian Academy Are 100% FREE

A Gift For Everyone!

What Is It?

Brite Star Virtual Learning and the Brite Star Christian Academy are FREE Interactive Learning Websites that include all of the content from Brite Star PLUS thousands of additional learning activities, educational games and videos.

The Brite Star content focuses on living skills—the skills every child needs to grow into a responsible adult. We believe living skills are as important as any other subject, but Brite Star Virtual Learning includes much more.

How are  the two sites different?

The Brite Star Christian Academy includes everything in Brite Star Virtual Learning PLUS additional content that is specifically Christian. Books for kids from 2-12 years old include Bible stories, devotionals, Q & A plus much more.

A FREE Gift For Signing Up

When you sign up for the FREE Brite Star Virtual Learning or the Brite Star Christian Academy you get all the content for FREE. There is no premium sign-up that we come back and ask for your credit card. You have access to the all of the content.


As a bonus for signing up you can download 25 books for your personal library. This is a FREE gift just for signing up to Brite Star Virtual Learning. Just go to the Brite Star To Go logo when you log in to Brite Star and download as many of the 25 FREE books as you choose.


How Do I Sign Up for FREE?

It couldn't be easier. Just Click on one of the ICONs below.


How Do We Do It For FREE?

Brite Star Virtual Learning and the Brite Star Christian Academy are FREE FOREVER. We are able to do this through donations of concerned parents and teachers who believe like we do that CHARACTER IS IMPORTANT and want to see it emphasized to children. To make a donation CLICK HERE.

100% of your donation goes to the creation of product for these two sites.

The Brite Star Foundation is a 501(c)3 and all donations are tax deductible.

More About Brite Star Virtual Learning

Brite Star Virtual Learning is an online community that makes learning fun. By combining books, music, videos and games featuring both living skills (SEL) and lessons in english, math and science (STEM) Brite Star Virtual Learning is complete educational package for both home, homeschool and school.

Best of all, Brite Star Virtual Learning is fun for the kids, with a growing library of games and engaging gamification. We’ve seen that the more they play, the more they learn as our active users advance 3x faster than a traditional education path. 

By including the Brite Star Living Skills content in this dynamic Platform and incorporating the original set of educational games kids will have fun and learn at a rate of up to 3 times faster than with traditional methods.

As a Member of Brite Star Virtual Learning You

  • Have access to thousands of books, music, videos and more
  • Have access to the entire line of Brite Star Living Skills books
  • Have access to the full library of interactive learning and educational games
  • Have access to the full range of interactive learning
  • Kids will enjoy learning and advance rapidly as his or her progress dictates
  • Receive 25 downloadable books FREE


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