Adopt a School

Adopt a School
The Brite Star Adopt a School
Remember that teacher, librarian from your elementary school? Show them your appreciation by adopting your school. Living Skills and Character Building are two of the most under-taught subjects in most schools.
With the demands on teachers to cover all of the basic subjects these two vitally important areas of a child's development often go overlooked. If you believe as we do, these are two of the most important qualities of a child's development into a responsible adult, here is a chance for you to do something.
When you Sponsor a School the school of your choice will receive: 2 complete sets of the Brite Star Living Skills books (a total of 100 books.
A membership in the Brite Star Learning Network. To view a video of the Brite Star Learning Network.
This is a $1,279 value. Because of the participation of the Brite Star Foundation your sponsorship is just $500.



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