A Gift From Brite Star

A Gift From Brite Star


The Brite Star Socrates Learning Network is pleased to announce the grand opening of our interactive world, teaching children important living skills in addition to science, technology, math  and English.

Our grand opening is July 4th and as a friend of Brite Star on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or the bright star learning network we are proud to offer you a one-year family membership in this interactive world of learning.

Sign up now as this free offer expires July 31, 2020. 

This wonderful gift is courtesy of your friends at Brite Star Socrates and is made possible by the Brite Star Foundation which is dedicated to helping children all over the world grow into better and more productive adults—socially, emotionally and intellectually.

We hope you enjoy your gift. 

Simply click on the link or type in www.britestargift.com.

Brite Star Foundation and the World of Brite Star Socrates hopes to see you soon and often.


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